Hover over each scene and the story will pop up!


Mission: think about different ways you can give back to your community this year and write them down. Bring the list to the local Agent disguised as a teller and have them stamp your passbook!

Find each of the items below hidden in the picture.
When you find them, click on them and they will change colors!


Rotate your phone horizontally to see the complete picture.

Find These words in the gift:

Candle                Shovel
Candy                 Snowman
Frost                   Song
Mittens               Reindeer


Tap only on an image that is on the right

My antlers tower above my head. Where I live is cold all year. What am I?

I’m usually made of colored yarn, by someone who is knittin’. What am I?

I can swim or walk for miles. I’m big with thick, white hair. I live up in the Arctic. What am I?