Hover over each scene and the story will pop up!


Make a list of two homemade costumes for Mr. Splurge. Be sure to describe how he can make them. Bring it in to the nearest Central National Bank. Show the list to one of the Agents disguised as a teller and they will stamp your passbook.

Agent Extra: Create a homemade costume and wear it while visiting your local Central National Bank on Halloween.

Find each of the items below hidden in the picture.
When you find them, click on them and they will change colors!

Rotate your phone horizontally to see the complete picture.

As you click in the maze, your path will change colors. Try to get from the beginning to the end with the fewest clicks as possible – and without hitting any red blocks.

Who won the skeleton beauty contest?

What did the boy ghost say to the girl ghost?

What type of monster really likes to dance?